Our Fresh Approach

Our goal at Fresco Foods, Inc. is to bring you a fresh, nutritious and flavorful meal, designed to save you time and energy. And until now, that didn’t exist. Here’s why:

A food company cooks and prepares your food as though it were on an assembly line. Once cooked, it’s flash-frozen so that it will keep for months as it is shipped all around the country. Preservatives as well as numerous artificial ingredients are added to the food. After a significant amount of processing and handling of the meal, it awaits your purchase in the frozen food section. You take it home, heat it up, and the resulting experience is sorely lacking. The taste isn’t distinct. It’s adequate, but far from memorable. It’s certainly not nutritious, fulfilling or fresh.

In order to elevate your daily experience with food, we had to create a new way to bring you tasty, freshly prepared meals. We needed a groundbreaking approach to achieve our vision of timesaving, convenient, deliciously local food.

We came up with the solution. Eat Fresco.

From ingredients, to preparation, packaging, and delivery to your local store, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the food you eat is everything it should be. And this is how we do it:

  • Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Locally Made
  • Innovative Packaging
  • Convenience
  • Environmentally Conscious


Our products are wholesome, truly fresh, and made with all-natural ingredients. We select the highest quality proteins, vegetables and ingredients. There is nothing artificial, no antibiotics, no hormones, and no preservatives. By partnering with family farms we are able to maintain the highest level of excellence (See “Partnering with the Best”).


Meals are cooked locally in our kitchen. Whenever possible, we source local ingredients. After packaging the fully cooked meals, we then transport them to your neighborhood store in our very own refrigerated vans. We originated in the Tampa Bay area, but plan on bringing the same local approach to many markets in the future.


While other companies package based on their bottom line, Eat Fresco embraces a process geared towards you and your dining experience. We utilize an innovative vacuum seal packaging, which results in remarkable freshness, convenience and portability.

Air is the enemy of fresh food, causing it to lose nutrients, moisture, color and worst of all, taste. When air is present, food cannot be maintained for longer than a few days without freezing. However, our innovative packaging vacuum-seals our food immediately after it is prepared, locking in freshness and flavor. This allows Eat Fresco meals to retain the natural texture and consistency of the food without freezing or preservatives.

Convenient and portable, our meals can be taken with you to work or anywhere else you desire, as food will not shift or leak when transported in our vacuum-sealed package.


We don’t want meal time to feel like a chore. Eat Fresco meals are convenient and timesaving. Aided by the technology of steam-assisted microwave cooking, your meal is evenly heated in less than two minutes. Once heated, your meal can be eaten directly out of its tray. Cold options that do not require heating are also available.

There is no need to make a separate stop during your busy day, nor is there any need to order online and wait for delivery. We place Eat Fresco at convenient shopping locations, so that you can easily purchase a meal during your normal shopping. Stock up on several meals to keep in the fridge for when you need them.


Eat Fresco maintains a locally minded, environmentally friendly philosophy. Food is packaged in recyclable trays, uses less material than most prepackaged meals and is distributed in reusable bins rather than cardboard boxes. This local distribution model is unique to Fresco Foods, and unlike most packaged food products, limits our carbon footprint.