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Food You Can Feel Good About Eating

Our goal at Fresco Foods, Inc. is to bring you a fresh, nutritious and flavorful meal, designed to save you time and energy. And until now, that didn’t exist. Here’s why:

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Food entrepreneur takes prepared meals to market

Ever dream that your grandpa’s signature hot sauce might be your recipe for success? While starting any business is no easy task, becoming a food entrepreneur is a special challenge. Find out what makes a food-based venture cook with lessons from some of our most recent Tampa Bay startups.

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Eat Fresco featured on WFLA News Channel 8

Fresco Foods featured on News Channel 8. “The meals are made daily in Oldsmar and vacuumed fresh for a 15-day shelf life. Eat Fresco is available in more than a dozen stores across Tampa Bay from major grocery chains like Winn Dixie to boutique stores like Nutrition Smart Natural Organic Grocery and Vitamins (Gayle Guyardo). “They are hormone free, antibiotic free, no preservatives. All of the meals are made with the finest ingredients,” said founder Rob Povolny.

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Who did we create Eat Fresco for…?

Well, everyone. We ALL have to eat and we ALL want our food to taste great. The majority of people want to prioritize “eating right” and feeding their loved ones quality food. Throughout each stage of our lives, whether we’re single, married, parents or caretakers, we crave good food. Food is essential. Time is limited. So no matter what life stage you happen to be in, good food that saves time is desirable. Eating nutritious, fulfilling meals should be simple; yet, unhealthy food options abound. Too often, we succumb to poor food choices- a late night pizza, a frozen entrée for lunch, fast food to please your little ones, or take-out on the days where time is limited and energy is lacking to cook a healthy meal.

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Why Did We Start Eat Fresco?

Eat Fresco is fresh, restaurant quality, time-saving food. At the onset we knew we needed a convenient, affordable option that was easy to prepare at home, the office, anywhere. Our main goal was to create great tasting food, without artificial, unhealthy ingredients or preservatives. We weren’t striving for a low calorie meal per se, just real food we could feel good about eating. Turns out, the end result was relatively low in calories and low in sodium, which is rare for packaged food products. Overall, Eat Fresco is full of nutritional benefits AND full of flavor. Our promise of both quality and convenience has been fulfilled. We are so proud to bring you fresh, all natural and organic food, made locally in our kitchen. Thank you for selecting Eat Fresco, it is an honor. We are grateful for all of the positive feedback you’ve given us thus far.

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Eat Fresco at Rollin' Oats

Big grocery chain adds Tampa prepared meals startup as official vendor

Four months after launching, Eat Fresco — a Tampa startup that produces and sells premium prepared meals— has landed its first major supermarket account.

Beginning June 22, Eat Fresco’s product line of seven vacuum-sealed meals will be available in six Winn-Dixie stores — five in the chain’s corporate backyard of Jacksonville, and one on Swann Avenue in South Tampa.

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Former food industry exec launches Eat Fresco, an ambitious prepared-meals concept

Rob Povolny had a choice to make: pick up stakes in Tampa and transfer to Chicago to keep his job as sales director for a food ingredients company, or take a severance package.

He chose the latter, partly because it was February, but more so because he had an idea simmering – to offer prepared meals that were several cuts above the standard fare, packaged entrees using fresh, locally sourced foods.

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Eat Fresco’s Global Dining Experience

We’re pretty sure that someone with your discerning palate wants more than just the food that you see everyday. Sometimes you want a little excitement or adventure, especially at the end of a long day when you need a little bit of a reward for all your hard work.

As far as we’re concerned, your home dining experience should be just that. An experience. So we’ve taken a cue from places all around the world to provide you with a taste of global cuisine. We think our own unique spin on tasty ethnic and traditional flavors will add just enough spice to your life.

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Our Fresh Approach

Our goal at Fresco Foods, Inc. is to bring you a fresh, nutritious and flavorful meal, designed to save you time and energy. And until now, that didn’t exist. Here’s why:

A food company cooks and prepares your food as though it were on an assembly line. Once cooked, it’s flash-frozen so that it will keep for months as it is shipped all around the country. Preservatives as well as numerous artificial ingredients are added to the food. After a significant amount of processing and handling of the meal, it awaits your purchase in the frozen food section. You take it home, heat it up, and the resulting experience is sorely lacking. The taste isn’t distinct. It’s adequate, but far from memorable. It’s certainly not nutritious, fulfilling or fresh.

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Niman Ranch

Partnering With the Best

We pride ourselves on the sense of community and small business tenacity that is the cornerstone of America. Eat Fresco partners with like-minded businesses that share our values.

We are honored to work with Niman Ranch, who provides us with the hormone and antibiotic free skirt steak for our Steak Fajita Bowl, and the center cut pork loin for our Roast Cuban Pork Loin. Niman Ranch, comprised of a network of over 700 independent American farmers and ranchers, is community minded and focused on producing quality meats for their customers. Having begun in the early 1970’s, Niman Ranch raises its cattle using “traditional, humane husbandry methods” while feeding livestock “wholesome all-natural feeds.” The livestock is reared in a humane and ethical manner, which is also environmentally sustainable. Their pork and steak are delivered to our kitchen at the peak of freshness and quality, with minimal impact to the environment.

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