If you're anything like us, you can remember a time not so long ago when the quick and easy solution to a timesaving breakfast, lunch or dinner, was a frozen prepackaged, processed meal. While these products provided an economical solution to eating out, and offered an easier alternative to home cooking, they certainly left us wanting more... craving something better.

Salmon and Orzo Salmon and Orzo

Now, years later, everywhere you look, you see the explosion of personal "food-centric" experiences. Food trucks, farmer's markets, festivals, food networks, and foodie blogs designed as a way to engage and indulge your discerning taste and a desire for more. Your eyes have been opened to a world of flavorful selections, yet at home, at the end of a busy day, your prepared food options still leave much to be desired.

Today, we are even busier, and the need for timesaving, affordable, convenient meals is that much greater. We're unwilling to settle for that disposable food experience of the past. We expect better. We crave fresh, flavorful and nutritious food.

You want to savor your food, not just consume it. You want to enjoy a fulfilling meal, without sacrificing time in your busy lifestyle. You want your breakfast, lunch or dinner to be a satisfying reward, not a chore.

Eat Fresco.

Eat Fresco meals are fresh, never frozen, and contain all natural ingredients. We use state of the art packaging to lock in freshness without the need for preservatives. Our meals are ready to eat in under two minutes.

Delicious, portable, and convenient.

Cuban Pork

Simply put, we have a passion for making your life easier by preparing fresh, nutritious food. Eat Fresco elevates your home dining experience by offering globally inspired cuisine with a variety of forward, health-focused options, including:

High Protein
Carb Conscious
Low Sodium
Zero Antibiotics
Gluten Free
Milk Free
Nut Free
Soy Free

Unparalleled in its freshness and quality, it is our pleasure to provide for you a range of all natural meal solutions made with only real ingredients. It doesn't get more deliciously honest than that.

But don't take our word for it. Read more about our products and explore the elevated food experience that Eat Fresco has to offer.

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