Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request that my favorite retailer carry Eat Fresco products?

It is our goal to ensure Eat Fresco products are conveniently available for purchase in multiple locations.

We have created a product request form that you may print, fill out, and bring to your retailer of choice. Printable request form: Product Request Form

Or if you would like us to submit a request to the retailer for you, please fill out the online form: Online Product Request Form.

What makes Eat Fresco deliciously honest?

Eat Fresco takes a fresh approach to prepared meals. We use only all natural ingredients, nothing artificial, no hormones, antibiotics or preservatives added! Eat Fresco meals are made fresh in our own kitchen. Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. After cooking, meals are packaged and distributed to your local grocery store. We launched in Tampa Bay but plan to bring our same fresh and healthy approach to many markets in the future.

I am not familiar with this type of packaging, how does it work? Is it safe?

We searched for the best packaging available to keep our food fresh without the need for chemicals or preservatives. Our vacuum-sealed package locks in the freshness and allows for superb heating. When heated, moisture causes the film to expand and then self vent. This steam assisted heating ensures even temperatures without a loss of moisture.

The plastic tray is made of polypropylene (#5). It is commonly used for food containers, due to its high melting point. The tray is recyclable in most municipalities and is BPA free.

Where can I buy Eat Fresco products?

Eat Fresco is sold in Publix Supermarkets and GreenWise Markets as well as Natural Foods markets and independent grocery stores.

Visit our "Where to Buy" page for a list of stores that currently carry our products. As new stores are added, we will update that page as well as post on our social media pages, @eatfrescofoods. If you would like to receive updates directly, please subscribe to our newsletter.

If there is a store that you would like us to contact about carrying Eat Fresco, please let us know.

How long do the meals last and can I freeze them?

We indicate a best if used by/freeze by date on every product. Eat Fresco meals stay fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator, and they can last for months in the freezer. If freezing, we suggest fulling thawing in the refrigerator and then following the cooking instructions on the label.

Do you sell direct to consumer?

Eat Fresco meals are currently sold in convenient retail locations, such as Publix Supermarkets and local markets. Selling at retail allows our customers to pick-up Eat Fresco during their normal grocery shopping, purchase meals as needed, without subscriptions, delivery fees, unnecessary pre-orders or waste.

When buying at retail instead of using direct to consumer meal prep services, you are also helping to eliminate packaging waste such as styrofoam coolers, packing materials, and cardboard boxes.

Can I heat Eat Fresco in an oven or toaster oven?

You can certainly heat in a conventional oven or toaster, but please remove the food from the white tray and place it in an oven safe container. You will need to heat at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 12-14 minutes or until heated thoroughly.

Will more options be available?

We currently have twelve meals to choose from. We have expanded with four new breakfast egg scrambles, and have eight lunch/dinner entrees. Our chefs are hard at work developing more great recipes to expand our line. If you have a favorite dish you would like for us to consider, please let us know using our contact form, or via our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

How do you ensure food safety?

SQF CertificationThe Fresco Foods facility is SQF certified. The SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification showcases certified sites’ commitment to a culture of food safety and operational excellence in food safety management.