Food You Can Feel Good About Eating


Eating real food gives you peace of mind; there’s no need to question unfamiliar ingredients listed on a label. Eat Fresco meals are truly fresh, wholesome, and all-natural. It is delicious, flavorful food, you can feel good about eating. We source ingredients responsibly to maintain the highest level of excellence and transparency. Eat Fresco meals are high in protein and low in sodium. We also offer a variety of dietary options such as gluten-free, soy-free and plant based entrees.

Real | Clean Label • No Preservatives • All Natural



Eat Fresco simplifies meal time by eliminating prep work, cooking, and clean up. We place Eat Fresco at convenient retail locations, so that you can easily purchase meals during your normal shopping. Meals can be kept on hand in the refrigerator for up to 14 days, allowing you to enjoy a restaurant-quality breakfast, lunch or dinner, at a moment’s notice. Steam-assisted microwave cooking evenly heats your meal in less than three minutes, which can be eaten directly from the tray.

Easy | Convenient • Portable • Portioned


Deliciously Honest defines the fresh and healthy approach we take to prepared foods. Eat Fresco meals are cooked by our chefs in our very own kitchens, using all-natural ingredients, nothing artificial, no added hormones or preservatives, and antibiotic-free chicken and turkey.

Local | Local Production • Regional Distribution


Our state of the art vacuum seal packaging results in better tasting food, convenience and portability. This innovative design is also environmentally responsible, utilizing minimal packaging materials and BPA-free recyclable trays.  Our unique distribution model limits our carbon footprint while elevating the standard for prepared foods.

Fresh | Never Frozen • Innovative Vacuum Sealed Packaging