Busy People

Who did we create Eat Fresco for…?

Well, everyone. We ALL have to eat and we ALL want our food to taste great. The majority of people want to prioritize “eating right” and feeding their loved ones quality food. Throughout each stage of our lives, whether we’re single, married, parents or caretakers, we crave good food. Food is essential. Time is limited. So no matter what life stage you happen to be in, good food that saves time is desirable. Eating nutritious, fulfilling meals should be simple; yet, unhealthy food options abound. Too often, we succumb to poor food choices- a late night pizza, a frozen entrée for lunch, fast food to please your little ones, or take-out on the days where time is limited and energy is lacking to cook a healthy meal.

We needed a fresh alternative for every occasion. Eat Fresco meals, unlike other ready-to-eat options, are restaurant quality, made with organic and all natural ingredients. Our food is packaged immediately after cooking. It remains fresh, in state of the art vacuum-sealed containers, which extend the shelf life without the need for preservatives. One trip to the store to stock up on Eat Fresco and you are able to eat healthy, delicious meals in just 2 minutes. Easy enough for anyone, no matter how busy you are! Eat Fresco truly is for everyone.