Vegetable Medley

Why Did We Start Eat Fresco?

Eat Fresco is fresh, restaurant quality, time-saving food. At the onset we knew we needed a convenient, affordable option that was easy to prepare at home, the office, anywhere. Our main goal was to create great tasting food, without artificial, unhealthy ingredients or preservatives. We weren’t striving for a low calorie meal per se, just real food we could feel good about eating. Turns out, the end result was relatively low in calories and low in sodium, which is rare for packaged food products. Overall, Eat Fresco is full of nutritional benefits AND full of flavor. Our promise of both quality and convenience has been fulfilled. We are so proud to bring you fresh, all natural and organic food, made locally in our kitchen. Thank you for selecting Eat Fresco, it is an honor. We are grateful for all of the positive feedback you’ve given us thus far.

So why did we start Eat Fresco? Well, let us first say that this is not meant to be a shameless plug or an opportunity to speak negatively about other food companies. We are inspired by so many innovative chefs, restaurants, and food brands, and would feel remiss by not acknowledging the immense amount of talent, creativity and endless options that are currently on the market. However, when it came to feeding our own family, on a typical busy day, we realized fresh, great tasting, healthy, and affordable options that were also convenient were not available. Sure, there’s pizza night, take-out, dining out, frozen foods, and of course cooking at home. But there was always some element missing. Pizza night is fast, easy, and affordable, but not exactly healthy or diverse. Take-out food can be restaurant quality, but sometimes it doesn’t package or re-heat well, and it’s not necessarily the most time saving or affordable option. Frozen foods have come a long way, but are often loaded with sodium, artificial ingredients, preservatives and who knows where the food comes from. Frankly, they don’t taste that great. Cooking at home gives us peace of mind- we know what’s going into the food we’ll be eating. Home cooking can be enjoyable and satisfying, but it’s time-consuming to shop, prep, cook and clean up, while attempting to accommodate individual food preferences.

These challenges are the reason we created Eat Fresco. We are filling a void in the food industry, bringing a fresh local approach to prepared meals, so you don’t have to cook to feel good about what you’re eating. You don’t have to dine out or spend a fortune to eat restaurant quality, flavorful meals. You no longer have to sacrifice quality for quick, easy, convenient meals.

We hope you share our passion for real food and making your life easier.