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Introducing Breakfast

Signature Entrées

Guided by our philosophy that convenience doesn't mean sacrificing quality and flavor, we've gone to great lengths to create an elevated, restaurant quality, fresh prepared meal for you.

We hope to exceed your expectations, while maintaining a sustainable approach to the preparation and distribution of Eat Fresco meals.

Honest Ingredients

We start with the promise of being deliciously honest. Our products are wholesome, truly fresh, and made with only all natural ingredients (nothing artificial, no antibiotics, no added hormones or preservatives). We select the highest quality proteins, vegetables and ingredients.

Check out some of our products to get a closer look at our delicious offerings and find out more about the Eat Fresco experience!

Latin Style Braised Beef

Our current portfolio includes meals with a variety of proteins and cuisines. New meal options are always in development, including seasonal items to keep your senses intrigued and your palates excited!

We aim to provide meals that you can feel good about eating. Tasty and nutritious, the average calories per meal are under 500, while being low in sodium and high in protein!

Egg Cheese Scramble with Uncured Bacon

Convenient & Timesaving

Our goal is to make your life easier! Healthy, delicious meals, without meal prepping, subscriptions, or shipping fees. Eat Fresco meals are conveniently available at your local grocer, to make shopping as simple as possible. Find our breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees in the deli fresh prepared foods section. Eat Fresco is also available through your local supermarket’s grocery delivery and curbside pickup services.


Eat Fresco’s packaging demonstrates our commitment to innovation and transparency. Fresh prepared food is immediately vacuum sealed with clear, see-through film in our recyclable, BPA-free tray, locking in freshness and flavor. Efficient and fast, steam assisted microwave heating ensures even temperatures and great taste in under two minutes. Our innovative packaging increases the safety, quality and portability of our meals. They are easy to store, easy to heat and eat, and designed to enjoy from home, work or anywhere else you desire.

Have Other Recipe Ideas? Tell Us About Them!

We're striving to provide people with delicious, healthy, hearty meals that utilize unique recipes. We have more products coming soon, but we'd love to hear your ideas on additional recipes.